Tokyo Girls' Style Back to the TIF(Tokyo Idol Festival) 2017

They have just returned to the Tokyo Idol Festival, the largest idol festival in the world, in Aug. 2017.

The announce of becoming an artistic perfomance group about three years ago made a field where Tokyo Girls' Style(TGS) shows their perfomance smaller.

They quit on stage of idols and refused to get magazines coverage as an idol.

However they voided the decralation of non-idol this spring and decided to come back on TIF stage this summer.

They perfomed 2days, Aug 5th and 6th, Hot stage and Smile Guarden.

I went to Smile Guarden and witnessed their outstanding performances which highly charmed a lot of audiences.

The first tune was On-naji-kimochi. Subsequently Chi-sana-kiseki was the second. Both of them might be categorized into an idol taste song.

After these two perfomances, Mei Shoji talked to the audience as follows.

Next song is also our really important original song. I suppose there are lots of audience who listen and watch the song first time. We intend to convey our music with love to you through this song. Please enjoy it from begining to end. The song is Shin-kai Hi-ra mix.

The movie of Shin-kai, that means deep see, is below.

This song has released recently. It has Tropical House taste arranged by Hi-ra and is completely different from the former Hiroshi Matui Sound. It is the represented number for the new TGS.

When TGS started Shi-ka Smile Guarden became suddenly blew out and audience listened attentively to their singing and watched thier moving closely.

This was the very TGS world.

Ths last song was Attack Hyper Beat POP to which all of the audience grooved swinging around towel.

After the end of the TGS stage, Mei Shoji, a leader of TGS, shed tears. Those tears must mean accomplishment, joy of coming-back TIF and big applause from audience.